I Know the Plans I Have for You

Jeremiah 29-11.png

When we last spoke, I was sitting in a dark closet, waiting to hear the answer to my prayer. I knew I had lost direction. I also knew I had a lot to offer women. My experience, my education, my concern for the welfare of women & their families in our nation gave me a good starting point. But WHAT WAS I SUPPOSED TO DO WITH IT?! I know a lot of football fans that are very passionate but they are NEVER going to play in the NFL.

My biggest concern was that it was too late for me. Had I waited too long? Had God given up on me? (No on both counts!) However, I did need to get busy. I also felt I needed a new direction, a new message since so many people were now sharing my original message in their own way. And doing it quite well!

So as I said, there I was sitting in the closet quietly, listening. And I heard His answer.

“What can you do that no one else can do in exactly the same way?” In other words, what do you bring to the table?

Well, I had to think about that for awhile. Not a long while. After all, it gets lonely sitting the closet. But I am able to think. And I am able to talk to God. So that’s what I did.

I had to consider what I could do in my own unique way. While many women were now talking about simplifying life, I am able to do ministry. After all, I have my M.Div. I’ve been in ministry for years but I had only been “playing” at it for the last few years. I knew I needed to get serious.

I know I am passionate about helping women improve the quality of their lives &, through them, the quality of life for their families. While other women are sharing ways to improve the lives of women by simplifying life, I can teach them how to improve their lives through ministry.

I am very good at showing how the lessons in Scripture are applicable today. I can offer practical ways to incorporate Christianity into your life & share your faith with others through your actions, not your words.

I sensed God telling me that I needed to begin teaching women ways to determine & utilize their Call in life, why service is such an important part of our faith & help organizations develop the new leaders in their midst & help women discover ways to develop their own leadership skills & ways to use them.

Oh, I’m still feeling my way along in the dark but I have a better vision of God’s plan for me. He has made it very clear that my focus must be on ministry. There are so many ways for me to serve Him by serving women across the country.

So I’ll still be sharing recipes & tips to help you reduce stress so you have the time & energy to focus on the work God is calling you to do for Him. And He is calling you!

So enough of this. During January, I plan to share tips to help you start the year with a BANG! I am very excited & I promise to be patient. I know it will take time for the message to take hold & spread. But I know God has a plan for my life in 2017 & I am dedicating myself to fulfilling that plan to its end!

Let’s go!


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